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Mark Harding has had more than 35 years experience as a journalist, editor and publisher. He has worked in newspapers, magazines, custom publishing and television. Karen Harding has more than 20 years experience in project management, editing and writing. She is also an accomplished proofreader. Evan Harding has had nearly ten years as a journalist, magazine writer and television producer.


Mark and Karen know custom publishing. They understand the needs of the client and have a thorough knowledge of all parts in the publishing process from conception of ideas, through the writing and photographic stages, editing, lay-out, pre-press and print.

Mark and Evan between them have extensive experience in television production. They have taken this arm of Harding Media Services from one show produced on a weekly basis to currently four, as well as producing video presentations for special occasions such as the Racing Victoria Awards Night and the Australian Racehorse of the Year Awards and Hall of Fame Dinner.

Low overheads

Harding Media Services operates from a well equipped home office using outside facilities as necessary and draws on proven, skilled contractors to produce quality products with low overheads. This means HMS can offer big company professionalism with small company overheads.


Through their time in the industry, Mark and Karen have developed relationships with many of the finest writers and photographers in Australia. They have a data base of quality graphic designers and sub-editors and use a variety of pre-press houses and printers. All this enables them to choose the right people for the right job.

It is the same for television show production. Harding Media Services has sourced talented editors, audio technicians, graphic designers and voice-over talent.....people who help to bring it all together. To put the same stamp of quality on television work as on writing and publishing.

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Why We Make a Difference
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