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How it Works

Harding Media Services has a four step process to create a publication that will stimulate your readership into action.

1. Concepts

We will meet with you to determine your marketing objectives and design the right publication – from a four or eight page newsletter through to a 200 page glossy magazine.

2. Planning

We will then create the platform for the publication to achieve its objectives on time and to budget. This will involve the creation of a magazine style, a production schedule, an editorial list and full print and production quotes.

3. Building

The next step is to commission and collate articles, obtain photographs, sub-edit, lay-out, proof-read, pre-press, print and deliver the finished product.

4. Review

Finally, any publication must be fully tested to reach its potential. We will conduct regular reviews of the process and the performance of the magazine to ensure it achieves its objectives.

Working With Your Existing Suppliers

Harding Media Services understands that you may already have existing relationships with suppliers who provide services which are part of the publishing process.

We are flexible and versatile and pleased to work with any of your existing suppliers. We can manage your publication from concepts through to the final delivery – or any part in between.

This includes:

  • Writing and commissioning
  • Editing and sub-editing
  • Design and lay-out
  • Pre-press
  • Printing
  • Online
  • Scriptwriting

Additional Services

In addition, Harding Media Services is available for smaller tasks. Our services include:

  • Proofreading
  • Speechwriting
  • Editing


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Other Services
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